The Kois Center, created by Dr. John Kois, is an advanced post-graduated program with a rigorous nine-course curriculum. The Kois Center helps dentists stay up to date on the latest advances in both restorative and in aesthetic dentistry treatments. Education from the KOIS Center makes a huge difference in the dental diagnoses and expands treatment options your dentist can provide.

“Graduates have made a serious commitment to this rigorous curriculum—sacrificing time away from families, home and their practices—challenging themselves to be the best. To achieve this goal has required questioning of traditional standards and examination of strongly held beliefs under the light of published evidence. It has also required the courage and willingness to change, when necessary, how they practice dentistry. Above all, dentists attending the Kois Center are committed to excellence and doing their best for their patients.” –John C. Kois


A KOIS Mentor helps other dentists to more thoroughly understand the concepts and methods they have learned at the center. To be granted mentor status, a dentist must first graduate from the center by completing the nine-course curriculum. After passing a comprehensive written exam and successfully presenting a powerpoint case presentation to an exam committee, a graduate is given mentor status. Dr. Sheets became a graduate of the center in 2013, taking four years to complete the curriculum. She became a mentor in 2016 and has been helping other dentists since that time.


A KOIS Mentor dentist takes continuing education seriously, and will work hard to make sure you are receiving the best care. Several other advantages of choosing a KOIS Mentor like Dr. Sheets are:

 Increased Comfort: Scientists are constantly evolving dental procedure to make them more comfortable for the patient. Kois Mentors understand the latest breakthroughs in patient comfort and apply them in their practices. For example, Dr. Sheet’s offers computerized anesthetic delivery and anesthesia reversal options for her patients.

• Longest Lasting Restorations: When you undergo any dental procedure, you expect it to not only look beautiful but also for it to last as long as possible. Kois Mentors know which materials are the most durable and aesthetic, as well as which methods to utilize so that their patients can enjoy their enhanced smiles for years to come.

• Higher Success Rates: With more training and analysis of studies, only the most evidence-based methods are used to ensure fewer side effects and greater success rates.

• Dedication to improve Your Overall Health: Our mouths are connected to our bodies. A healthy mouth can reduce risks for health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and more. Mentors are passionate about educating and helping their patients improve their overall health.

• Staying Up with the Latest: Kois Mentors like Dr. Sheets attend an annual symposium every year where all topics are reviewed, new literature and studies are analyzed, and methods and material updates are given. Dental technology advances rapidly, and mentors keep up with the changes.