Nitrous Oxide

For those with mild to moderate dental anxiety, nitrous oxide is an excellent choice.

Nitrous Oxide is a great option for patients who feel nervous about coming to the dentist. We like our patients to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Nitrous oxide is provided by way of a small mask that fits below your nose and emits a steady stream of the calming gas mixed with breathable air. The concentration of gas can be increased or decreased as needed to keep you feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Some patients even experience a mild euphoria and may feel giddy or happy. Others drift into a calm, relaxed state, almost “napping” through their appointment, although consciousness remains. You will be monitored during your procedure to ensure the mixture of gas and air is sufficient to keep you relaxed and comfortable, and that your oxygen intake and heart rate remain normal.

When the procedure is complete, the gas wears off quickly leaving you feeling calm and alert. A great advantage of nitrous oxide is it’s convenience. You may drive yourself to and from our dental visit, as it only takes several minutes to work and to wear off, leaving you safe to drive home on your own.

Nitrous oxide is perfect for those who have mild to moderate anxiety about visiting the dentist. Ask us about your options and we can determine if this treatment is right for you.

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