Every member of Dr. Sheets’ team is expertly trained, fully committed to your care, and able to answer any questions you may have. We strive to create an environment in which you can turn to any member of the team for help at any time, whether it be for encouragement and reassurance when you are anticipating a stressful appointment, or for answers to all questions about your treatment.

Office Manager

Debbie – Office Manager

Every office needs a person like Debbie, who oversees the office and creates a friendly and professional atmosphere. She is Dr. Sheets’ right hand. Born and raised in San Pedro, she has over 30 years of experience in Dentistry.  Since she remembers being fearful of dentists as a child, she has made it her mission to help others have a happy and pleasant experience. She enjoys visiting the beach, and paddling with her fellow dragon boat paddlers, as well as learning new things.  Married, with two boys and two grandchildren, she values family relationships.  Her grandchildren, Marco and Mollie, are the light of her life!  If she could take a year off, she would probably go to Hawaii with her husband and open her own business.

Front Office Staff

Donna – Appointment Coordinator

Donna has been working in dentistry for over thirty years.  Donna enjoys helping patients understand the importance of dentistry, and how much their oral health affects their overall health. Her idea of a perfect weekend is snuggling up and relaxing watching movies with her family.  If she had a year to take off, she would visit Italy to see where her dad was born and meet her extended family that she’s never met. When asked what she considers her greatest achievement, Donna will immediately tell you it is her two beautiful daughters, Amanda and Airika.

Back Office Staff

Sophie – RDAEF

Sophie has been in dentistry for over 35 years. This has given her an immense amount of knowledge and experience.  Sophie has a reputation for making gorgeous temporary restorations for patients undergoing restorative dental work. She feels rewarded when a patient leaves happy and satisfied with their new smile after dental treatment.  Sophie remembers being inspired by her uncle who was a dentist in her hometown in the Philippines. If she had a year to take off, she would probably go visit the Philippines or go to Europe with her family.

Corie – RDAEF

With over 20 years of experience, Corie strives each day to treat others with goodness. Her idea of a perfect weekend is attending a Sunday church service or going to movies or dining out with her husband, Reno. One of her favorite places to spend time is at the beach. Her parents were her greatest inspiration, as they always demonstrated unconditional love. Corie prefers the type of friends that exhibit traits such as respect and trust worthiness. If she had a year to take off, she would most likely go to Hawaii with Reno.

Hygiene Department

Stephanie – RDH

Stephanie enjoys working with people and is very passionate about several charitable organizations.  With over 30 years in dentistry, she has the knowledge and experience to help others as they strive for prevention and/or treatment of oral disease.  Stephanie has an ongoing interest in things related to the health sciences, with the goal of helping others to achieve the joy of good health.

Nikol – RDH

Nikol is very focused on helping her patient’s achieve the optimum health of their gums.  Hygiene is a second career for her, following a ten year job in retail.  She loves her job so much, she feels if she had started out in the health field she would have continued on and become a dentist.  Her favorite thing about being a hygienist is the relationships she develops with her patients.  When not at work, she flourishes at being a mom to her three huskies and three cats.

Dental Assistant

Karen Galvo – DA

Karen always knew from a young age that she wanted to work in the dental field. Today she is living her dream as a dental assistant, with an emphasis in office sanitation for Covid-19 protocols. When she is not assisting Dr. Sheets or Dr. Sung, you will find her fogging the office, wiping down surfaces, and sterilizing instruments. Karen enjoys spending time at the beach with her son, Luke, and her family.