Patient Testimonials

“After my bicycle accident I did not think my smile would ever be beautiful again. Then, I met Dr. Susan Sheets. She referred me to an implant specialist who could replace my missing front tooth. She also sent me to the best dental lab in town, to ensure that my implant would match all of my teeth perfectly. After my implant was placed, Dr. Sheets used her expertise and understanding of me, to make my smile beautiful again. Her attention to detail was incredible. Today, I get so many compliments on my new teeth. People are always telling me that I have a beautiful smile. I cannot thank Dr. Sheets enough for all that she did for me. I am truly grateful and smiling all the time.”
– Kathy Regnier

“Thanks to Dr. Sheets and her wonderful dental team, I have a beautiful smile that I now share with the world. My smile gives me more confidence and gets me a lot of compliments.”
– Amir Sedadi

“My smile experience with Dr. Sheets has been a great process. I am not fond of any dental office, but Dr. Sheets and her dental team have made fillings, crowns and whitening a most pleasurable experience. Now my smile is healthy and more attractive.”
– Cameron Scirocco

“Dr. Sheets is a very charismatic, wonderful professional who I enjoy working with. Having healthy, bright, perfect teeth is very important to me. Dr. Sheets has made my smile absolutely wonderful.”
– Ginger McGann

“When we moved to California 18 years ago a friend referred us to Dr. Sheets. Dr. Sheets’ excellent work earned our loyalty. Our family has been with her practice ever since that referral from a friend.”
– Lory Barra

“I have been with Dr. Sheets’ office for 30 years and it is always a great experience. I know it seems unusual to say that about a dentist, but Dr. Sheets and her dental team make you feel so comfortable. They treat you like you are part of their family. Dr. Sheets has done an excellent job with my dental work and I would like to thank her and her dental team for being part of my family too!”
– Nina Herrera

“I have been going to Dr. Sheets ever since I was a young child. As I grew up, I realized that each patient at Dr. Sheets’ office is treated with the utmost respect and care. As I have grown, Dr. Sheets and her dental team have cared for me all the way. My smile has significantly changed from dull to dazzling white in a very short time. Today, I have healthy, straight, white teeth and complete trust in the Sheets dental team. I am very thankful for that.”
– Eric Vuoso

“Dr. Sheets has been my dentist for my whole life. I continue to visit Dr. Sheets because of the quality of services she provides and the home town, friendly feel of her office team. Attention to detail is what Dr. Sheets and her dental team are all about.”
– John Mavar

“Choosing to enhance my smile with veneers was one of the best decisions I have made. I am very happy with the results Dr. Sheets created for me and I get compliments on my smile all the time. Every time I have a dental visit I thank Dr. Sheets and her team for their awesome work.”
– Rosario Cracchiolo

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