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If you routinely put off your dental visits due to anxiety, you can stop worrying and relax. We offer several forms of routine sedation on request, making our practice even more comfortable for those with dental anxiety.

Conscious Sedation

For those with severe anxiety or fear about visiting the dentist, conscious sedation can relieve the feelings of fear and panic and allow you to relax completely during your appointment while remaining conscious.  Dr. Sheets will give you medication to relax you before and during your appointment, while she and her staff monitor your blood pressure and oxygen.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide has been used for decades to help patients who are nervous or on edge about dental procedures, providing a relaxed, happy state that allows you to remain awake during the procedure without experiencing fear or anxiety.  Nitrous oxide is administered chairside, taking just a few minutes to work and to wear off so that you may drive yourself to and from your appointment.